Study Abroad Center

Having an international education is a lifetime experience that is enriching and highly rewarding which will forever last with you till the later days of your life- you will have the opportunity to learn something different, experience new cultures and value systems, which will open you up to a new world of discovering the universe which we live in.

The international study Center has been designed to provide the populace with assistance, resources and information for students with the interests to continue their education on the international stage. We offer a program search to find courses around the world, consequently you can learn more about the experience via our studying oversees center.

Study Abroad Guide

Clue world scholars Study Overseas Guide will furnish you with favorable tips and articles about studying abroad including general safety tips how to pick your program of interest when studying abroad and many more. We also feature student articles describing firsthand the study abroad experience, also feel free to send us one, thank you.

Study Abroad Loans

Funding your education is not easy, but did you know that you can obtain loans for study abroad education? We highlight two programs offering loans for US students who are spending a semester or longer abroad, and a program for US students directly enrolled in a foreign school. We also give advice on maximizing federal loans, and you can apply online today directly to any of the programs we feature.

Study Abroad Insurance

As you travel abroad, whether for a semester or more, you will need to make sure you have adequate international health insurance coverage to cover medical emergencies, but also to cover evacuation and repatriation. To learn more about the various plans and options for students please see our study abroad insurance center.

Study Abroad Housing

Deciding where to live when studying abroad is a big decision and can greatly impact your year abroad. There are various options available including living on campus, in an apartment, or with a homestay family. To learn about the different student accommodation choices and what each include, check out our guide on study abroad housing.